Party Walls

You may need a party wall in order to meet building codes for your commercial structure, or maybe you just want to add them for additional protection and sound proofing. Either way, H. Kulak & Son LLC is the name you can rely on to get the work completed. Simply put, a parapet or "party" wall is a low wall or half wall type of construction. Historically, it was used as a method of defense a place to launch an attack while being protected from the enemy. Now, it is often more of just an aesthetically pleasing addition to a home or commercial building. This type of wall offers many important benefits. For one thing it acts as a protective barrier for anyone who may be on the roof; whether you have a type of observation deck here or just want anyone working on your roof to be safeguarded. This is also a method of fire prevention or protection from fire. It is also ideal for helping with wind uplift resistance that could otherwise damage the edges of your roof line and compromise the structural integrity.

We're Party Wall Specialists

It is very important to make sure that you get the quality you need when it comes to having your walls constructed. By relying on H. Kulak & Son LLC to get the job done, you can feel confident that the materials and construction will be top notch. This includes meeting building codes and guidelines and passing inspections. The last thing that you need is to end up with a party wall that is more of a hazard than a help. Parapet walls can be used for flat roofing or sloped rooftops and can simply be used to hide what would be an otherwise unattractive roofing system. The bottom line is that there are plenty of benefits, as long as the work that goes into it provides you with quality results. We have been providing local home and business owners with the services that they need for years. Give our Office a call today and lets get started with your free consultation. Parapet walls can serve several purposes:
  • Fire Protection

    H. Kulak & Son LLC ImagesAs the wall is extended past the roof plane, the parapet wall prevents flames from coming up through the exterior.
  • Improves Wind-Uplift Resistance

    Wind is a major culprit for roof damages. The parapet walls helps keep the wind resistance from compromising the roofs edge.
    *If the wind does happen to damage your wall, keep in mind that your parapet wall will be in need of repairs, we can do that as well at Eden Roofing & General Construction. We want your New York parapet wall to be structurally sound so that it is functional.
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