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H. Kulak & Son LLC fabricates custom PVC trim and molding using a refined process of utilizing heat to form cellular PVC.

Our state of the art process, equipment, quality control standards, and experience makes us the leader in heat bending cellular PVC.

Our PVC trim and molding products are guaranteed to never warp, splinter, or rot from water damage. This material can be painted but does not have to be. Our PVC trim and molding products hold a finish much better, and much longer, than any wood based products.

H. Kulak & Son LLC helps add value to your project with high quality PVC products. Any decorative product that is traditionally made with wood can be made with PVC and will last longer, wont require painting, is easier to maintain, and will not be easily damaged.

Why Buy PVC Trim & Molding From H. Kulak & Son LLC?

  • High-Quality, Custom Made Products
  • Long-Lasting & Durable
  • Guaranteed To Never Warp, Splinter, or Rot
  • Does Not Require Painting
  • Will Not Easily Damage Like Wood Based Products
  • Able to duplicate existing historical designs

As a family-owned-and-operated business, H. Kulak & Son LLC believes in treating our clients fairly and respectfully. Our capability for custom PVC creations sets us apart from the rest.

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