The Value of Roofing Inspections in Farmington

When people buy a home, especially first-time homebuyers, they are frequently caught up in an incredible swirl of emotion, and in the euphoria of homeownership, they often ignore the necessity for property inspection. A professional property inspection costs a few hundred dollars, but it may be well worth the money. A wise method to writing a purchase offer is to include a condition that states: This offer is subject to a professional property inspection that is acceptable to the buyer.

We know that the majority of individuals who read our advice will disregard it. So… here is an excellent tip…

Make sure to include the following provision in all of your offers:

This offer is conditional on a roof inspection, which the buyer accepts.

Aside from the foundation, the roof is one of the most expensive repairs a home may require, and it is sometimes the most ignored aspect of a property, especially in older existing homes. However, the most important aspect of a roofing inspection is that it may be done for free! How so, you ask? Simply compose your offer as directed above, and then call three (3) Farmington roofing companies to inquire about free roof inspections. Most businesses will do so because the other local roofers will, and in order to gain business, they will inspect your roof for free too. If you are having trouble with one roofing contractor, try a few more.

You do not have to inform them that you are considering purchasing the home, although it would not hinder your case if you did either. The other alternative is to climb a tall ladder to the roof and inspect it yourself (risking a possible fall, possible extensive injury, or even death). Is it not safer to just hire a reliable local roofer?

If your area is unique and you cannot find a Farmington roofing contractor to evaluate your roof for free, contact H. Kulak & Sons. This same free inspection strategy may be used to obtain inspections and free estimates on the foundation, HVAC, and any other area of your home. The idea is to make a few phone calls to local businesses to find out what their inspection procedures are and if they are free or charge a small fee. This will save you the cost of a professional house inspection, and the free estimates can be used as negotiating chips to reduce the selling price of the home, which is pretty nice, right?

Best wishes for your success!

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