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Roofing Wind Damage

Obvious weather factors that wreak havoc such as rain, hail, or snow are simply the beginning of a homeowners roofing problems. What is widely left out is wind damage from these identical storms that often need immediate attention from an experienced Canton roofing team. Strong, powerful winds create stress spots on a roof that can eventually become hazardous. Immediately replacing damaged roofing components will save your house from water damage.

How The Wind Creates Roof Damage

Substantial winds can flow in many ways during a storm, catching corners and perimeters of your roof. Everywhere the roofing material is even a touch loose the wind can get underneath and lift it up. The next time a storm arrives, the lifted components have a nice spot for the wind to grab a hold of. Canton roofing companies that this is a vicious cycle as soon as the wind begins damaging the roof shingles, with each reoccurring storm brings additional detriment to your home. Once the roof shingles are completely damaged, you are at high risk for water damage to your home.

Perform an Indoor Inspection

Moisture marks will appear as brown, yellow or gray stains, and peeling paint on partitions, walls, and/or ceilings all imply a faulty, leaking roof in addition to damp rafters or watermarks in your attic. If there is a sudden spike in your electricity bill, this can be a signal that you have a problem with ventilation and your roof and attic are not breathing correctly.


If signs of roof damage are lurking around your home, contact a premier Canton roofing contractor today. We provide industry-leading residential roofing repair and replacement from small residential homes to complex properties throughout Connecticut.

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January 14, 2020
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