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Canton Roofing; Pro Tips To Avoid Winter Roof Damage

With cooler weather right around the corner, now is the perfect time to take some preventative steps to help ensure that you are not a victim of unnecessary roof damage or energy loss this winter. The winter is not the most ideal time of the year for roof repair or replacement and it could even cost you more money. There will always be those situations of storm damage that are unpreventable, but the best thing that Hartford County homeowners can do to ensure that their home is ready for winter is to schedule a roof inspection with a Canton roofing service in the fall. This also gives you the opportunity to see how your roof weathered the summer storms this year, and if you have storm damage we can even help you with your insurance claim too.

Here are some things homeowners should do every fall:

  • Clean your gutters and downspouts really good and make sure they are draining well too. This is something that should be done all through the year but especially in the fall when the leaves are falling off of the trees. Depending on how many trees surround your home and property, you may have to clean more than once so be proactive and watch them. Doing this will help you avoid the expensive damages that can happen from clogged gutters.
  • Cut down all the tree branches that are inside ten feet of your home and any large limbs that are hanging over the roof. This will considerably reduce the chance that your roof or other parts of your home like your windows do not get damaged during a heavy storm.
  • Inspect your roof for damage. This includes rooftop appliances, vents, chimneys, flashings, pipe collars, skylights, and more. If you cannot do this on your own, be sure to hire one of the best Canton roofing companies in Hartford County like H. Kulak & Son to do it. This will also give you peace of mind that it is done right. Our trained experts will help you get the most life out of your roof.

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Routine maintenance is an important aspect of owning a home, and the roof is the main protector against the elements. Do not let another season pass by without properly maintaining your roof. Our factory-certified specialists are equipped to assist all your roofing needs.

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October 19, 2020
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